• Uganda/Buganda: The Twins are special children
    In Buganda, an ethnic group lives in the Central Region of Uganda; twins are imagined to be special of children; many baganda believe that twins are semi gods while others say that they are spirits […]
  • Burkina Faso: The Church under attack
    For some time, the Catholic and Protestant communities have been a target for Islamic groups attempting to destabilise the country. They are also trying to weaken its inter-ethnic and […]
  • Oral Literature: The tortoise and the drum
    One day, the tortoise was walking along a forest path when he came across a palm tree that had plenty of palm kernel fruits. The tortoise was hungry and the fruits looked juicy and ripe to eat, if […]
  • African Witnesses: Uganda – Lukwiya Matthew
    “I am ready for anything but, God willing, I should like to be the last one to die of Ebola”. At the beginning of October 2000 at Lacor hospital (Gulu, North Uganda), a great alarm was […]
  • Five ways to reduce our reliance on plastic
    Our daily choices matter: Turn the tide on plastic Plastic is so prevalent in our lives that we don’t even notice it anymore. It is convenient. It is cheap. It is ubiquitous. The unfortunate truth is […]
  • Costa Rica: A Paradise of Renewables
    The first country to produce 90% of its energy from green sources. The development of the electricity sector of Costa Rica began in the nineteenth century when, in 1884, the first public service […]
  • Vocation Story: My work is my message
    A ‘spiritual vacuum’ filled by granny’s tears. A parish youth group that offers peace and opens to others. And the decision to plunge into the sea of mission that offers unbelievable joy. A Comboni […]
  • Oral Literature: How The Stars Were Born
    One day, two friends named Ebopp and Mbaw went off in search of a good site to establish a farm with fine fields of grain and peanuts. They looked here and they looked there until they finally found […]
  • African Witness: South Africa – Archbishop Denis Hurley
    As Chairperson of the Southern African Bishops Conference, he denounced the Apartheid system as “intrinsically evil”. Denis Hurley was born in Cape Town in 1915 of Irish parents. Educated […]
  • Malawi: Rock art and biodiversity
    Lake Malawi, a unique habitat. One of the deepest water deposits in the world.  Distinctive rock art representing the cultural traditions and the history of the people who inhabit the Malawi […]
  • Africa: The Fight Against Plastic Waste
    34 African countries have passed strict laws. Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda as models for the world. From the first of June 2019, tourists arriving in Tanzania must take care not to bring plastic bags […]
  • Madagascar: Poverty can be beaten
    Pope Francis is going to Madagascar in September. During his stay he will visit the Akamasoa Humanitarian Association. Its Founder, Father Pedro Opeka speaks about it. With the help of a group of […]
  • Hare and the Hyena
    One day, a long time ago when there was a famine in a certain part of Africa, Hare met Hyena. “How thin you are looking,” said Hare. “You look as though you would not say No to a good meal […]
  • Herbs & Plants: Funtumia elastic – A Medicinal African Rubber Tree
    Highly valued in traditional medicine for treatment and management of a number of diseases and disorders. Funtumia elastic common name silk rubber is a medium-sized deciduous tree with distribution […]
  • African Witnesses: Blessed Pierre Claverie
    In January 2018, Pope Francis approved the beatification of Bishop Pierre Claverie and his eighteen companions. The murder of Pierre Claverie, a Dominican and the Bishop of Oran in Algeria, was the […]
  • Ethiopia: Metema, the loss of all hope
    Each day it is criss-crossed by invisible travellers who arrive after placing themselves in the hands of human traffickers, under cover of darkness, crossing the frontier with Sudan along paths lost […]
  • Africa: Start-ups rolling out
    The continent is changing thanks to the increasingly frequent use of new technological tools. A journey through the most innovative start-ups in Africa. Innovation is today the most used word by […]
  • Oral Literature: The Blacksmith’s Dilemma
    There was once a blacksmith called Walukaga, who was very skilled at all kinds of metal-work. Every day a small crowd of people would gather at his smithy and watch him at work making hoes for the […]
  • African Witnesses: Vivian Uchechi Ogu
    The striking heroism in the story of Vivian is in the remarkable way in which she expressed her Christian faith, having extraordinary influence on the lives of others from the tender age of nine and […]
  • Africa: The art of food – Ancient flavours and genuine ingredients
    From the Maghreb to Southern Africa, a myriad of flavours, aromas and colours. A journey through past and present tells of the rich traditions in the art of African food. Fonio is an ancient cereal […]
  • Philippines: Modern Day Missionaries of the World
    Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) take and practice their faith fervently wherever they go, wherever they are. That is why the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines appreciates the role of […]
  • Mexico: “Until dignity becomes the custom”
    The Miguel Agustín Pro Juarez Human Rights Centre (Centro ProDH), founded by the Jesuits, is celebrating its 30th year. A path in defence of human rights especially in the most disadvantaged sectors […]
  • Oral Literature: How the dogs came
    A long time  ago there were no domestic animals, all were wild, and all were the enemy of man. They feared him, and he feared them, unless they were too small to do him any harm. There were no […]
  • African Witnesses: Simon Mpecke
    He was born in 1906 in Log Batombé, in Cameroon. In 1914, at age 8, Mpecke attended the elementary school of the Catholic mission in Édéa. It was a mission opened by the Pallottine order during the […]
  • Bolivia: The ritual of potato planting
    Before planting, Quechua farmers ask Pachamama (mother-earth) for permission. Pachamama is the fertility goddess who presides over planting and harvesting. Then the Ispallamama (spirits) are invoked. […]
  • Africa: Millions still have no papers
    According to the World Bank, 41% of the inhabitants of the continent do not exist in law. They have no identity documents issued by state civil offices. A problem affecting human rights, it fuels […]
  • Afghanistan: A Tiny Seed
    A small community in an Islamic world. Witness and service to the poorest. “The contribution which the small Christian community can make to pacification and the reconstruction of this country is […]
  • African Witnesses: Lucien Botovasoa
    Lucien Botovasoa was born in 1908 in Vohipeno, a small village in the Diocese of Farafangana, on the south-eastern coast of Madagascar, more than one thousand kilometres from the nation’s capital. […]
  • Herbs & Plants: Acalypha indica – A useful source of medicine
    It is a plant used as a medicine for several therapeutic treatments. The leaf decoction is dropped into the ears to treat earache and infections. The paste made from powdered leaves is applied for […]
  • Oral Literature: Why Zebras have Striped Skins
    Long ago before people started taming any other animal apart from the dog, it was said that donkeys could also be tamed. One man who went to the bush to hunt told this rumour. After killing the […]
  • Philippines: The Tattoo Practitioner of Kalinga
    In a remote village in Buscalan, Tinglayan Kalinga in northern Luzon, Whang-ud, a 90-year-old tattoo practitioner (manbatok) resides and continues to practice an age-old tradition of tattooing […]
  • Ethiopia: A Grain of Hope
    Bonga is one of the capitals of Ethiopian coffee. At the corner of every alleyway, one of those tiny coffee shops known as ‘buna bets’ is inevitably found. We start our journey to the deep heart of […]
  • African Witness. Blessed Cyprian Michael Tansi
    Forty years ago, Father Tansi concluded his pilgrimage here on earth. The legacy of this outstanding Nigerian priest and monk challenges the Church to be ever more faithful to its identity and […]
  • Oral Literature: The Mother’s Song
    A long time ago, in the outskirts of Jago village, there lived a lioness and her cub, whose name was Kako. The lioness was very fond of her baby and every night before he went to sleep, she stat to […]
  • Africa: The Motorbike boom
    Set to become the main mode of transport in Africa, motorcycle taxi invade roads and streets of cities, towns and villages. They are called by different names, boda boda , okada , and moto,  and […]
  • The power of Ubuntu against racism and oppression
    The concept of Ubuntu is deeply rooted in Africa and refers to human reality. It means confidence, sharing, collaboration. Mandela summarised it thus: “Are you willing to give something to help the […]
  • Philippines: Dentist by Profession, Missionary by Vocation
    Catalina Lucman, or Dentist Bambi as she is fondly called by her family and friends, is a dentist in the morning and a catechist in the evening. Keep smiling. The dual work as a dentist and catechist […]
  • African Witness: Blessed Benedict Daswa
    Pope Francis, in his decree of beatification, described Benedict as a “diligent catechist, a thoughtful teacher, a witness of the Gospel to the point of shedding his own blood.” Tshimangadzo Samuel […]
  • Oral Literature: The chance of living on earth longer
    Once, long ago, when the world was newly created, Phya Thaen, the highest god and creator, sent all creatures to the earth. As he was sending them down, he would tell each of them how many years they […]
  • Panama: Sombrero pintao, a national heritage
    The Panama’s sombrero pintao (painted hat) is worn during dances, parties and by farmers working in the fields to protect themselves from the sun. It is one of the most characteristic garments of the […]
  • Uganda: Naleyo dance where women choose their dancing partners
    The Tapeth are a small ethnic group living with the Karamojong in North Eastern Uganda. They are found in a village known as Tapac that is situated in the ranges of the Moroto Mountains in the Moroto […]
  • Vocation Story: Attitudes towards life and dignity
    His dream was to become a Priest so that the people of his village could have Eucharistic celebrations every Sunday. Fr. Anthony Kibira tell us his story. He kept this dream a secret until one day […]
  • Witnesses of Africa: Isidore Bakanja – A life without compromises
    Isidore Bakanja, a young man from Congo, died as a martyr at the hands of a hate-filled atheist colonialist. The testimonies of many of his compatriots make it clear that he died for being a […]
  • Oral Literature: Why the Sun and Moon Live in the Sky
    A long time ago the sun and the water both lived on the earth and were very friendly. The sun often paid a visit to the house where the water lived and they would sit talking together for many hours. […]
  • Mexico: Poblano chili here we come
    When most people think of Mexican food, the first thing that comes to mind may be chili peppers and fiery hot dishes that threaten their taste buds. Although chilis are essential in Mexican cuisine […]
  • Bolivia: The sacrifice of the white lamb
    The ceremony of the offering to the Pachamama to restore balance in the family. A simple ritual but full of symbology. The offering to the Pachamama for the protection of the family may be performed […]
  • Brazil: Horizons of hope
    A place where children find understanding and dignity. Comboni Missionary Father Padre Saverio Paolillo explains. In the Marcos  Moura quarter, in the outskirts of Santa Rita, a town in the […]
  • African Witnesses: St. Josephine Bakhita
    Nine-year-old Bakhita (c. 1869-1947), playing in the fields near her home in Sudan, was captured by slave traders. She had been warned by her parents to be careful, since her older sister earlier had […]
  • Oral Literature: The Well
    A long time ago, there were four families who lived in a small village in Somalia. The first family would argue all of the time, the second family were very greedy, the third family were always away […]
  • Bolivia Textiles: Symbolism of the Andean Wisdom
    The original handcrafted clothes made with sheep, llama, alpaca, vicuña and other animals’ wool are not just garments made of valuable fabrics showing great combinations of meaningful colours, but […]