• Vocation Story: An only son, but never lonely
    When a college student, Jemboy told his parents he wanted to be a missionary priest, they felt that such a vocation would deprive them of their only treasure. He waited. He even tried to put the call […]
  • Oral Literature: Nigeria: Thunder and Lightning
    A long time ago, both thunder and lightning lived on this earth, among all the people. Thunder was an old mother sheep and Lightning was her son, a handsome ram, but neither animal was very popular. […]
  • South Sudan: Blessings in Disguise
    Mission hardships are transformed with the right vision. Father Gregor Schmidt knows the rigors of mission as well as anyone. In Fangak County, South Sudan, it’s not unusual for him to wade […]
  • The ‘Year of the God Who Speaks’
    The year 2020 is dedicated to the rediscovery of the Holy Scriptures, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the “Verbum Domini”, the apostolic exhortation of Pope Benedict, and 1600 years since […]
  • South Korea: A Miracle of Solidarity
    A series of miracles happened in the last two years; now we are in front of the new Anna’s House, an unequivocal monument to the love and generosity of the people. It will welcome the poor and […]
  • Zambezi River: Threats and Opportunities for the “Great River”
    The Zambezi River is one of Africa’s main energy assets and could become as well one of the continent’s main water highway, but many threats ranging from climate change to  the risk of collapse […]
  • Africa: From Charcoal to Sugar Cane
    Over 80% of Kenyans use charcoal for cooking. They use enormous quantities of this polluting fuel whose production and distribution gives work to over half a million people in an industry worth 427 […]
  • Reflection: Mission is Life, Our Life
    Two Comboni Lay Missionaries share with us their experience in Peru. “There is nothing that cannot be given, shared with all those who walk side by side with us.” The scenery reflects the grandiosity […]
  • Kenya: The Challenge of Reinsertion in Society
    Kamiti penitentiary in the outskirts of Nairobi hosts more than 4,200 detainees. The Consolata Missionary Sisters are committed to a programme of training for the young prisoners. Standing in front […]
  • Brazil: After Mine Dam Collapse, We Cry With Mother Earth
    On January 25, 2019, a massive mining dam collapsed in north central Brazil, devastating the nearby community of Brumandinho. Dozens are confirmed dead and hundreds are missing—and the numbers […]
  • The Limpopo River: Collateral Victim of the Mining Industry
    The Limpopo River Basin is a fragile environment threatened by the combined pressure, of climate change, urban waste disposal and mining activities. The sluggish waters of the Limpopo, called […]
  • Herbs & Plants: Cassava, one of the major staple foods
    Manihot esculenta, commonly called cassava (Family Euphorbiaceae) is one of the most important and widely cultivated tropical food crops. It is a semi-woody perennial shrub growing to an average of […]
  • Israel: The best-known lake in the Gospels is drying up
    Lake Tiberias where, according to the Gospels, Jesus walked on the water: Israel is trying to fill it with desalinated sea water. In Israel the situation of Lake Tiberias grows ever more critical, […]
  • Love for the People and Passion for the Gospel
    In 2018, 40 missionaries were killed in the world, 17 more, almost double, compared to 23 in 2017. Among them 35 were priests, one seminarian and four lay people. After eight consecutive years in […]
  • Church asylum: commitment to a humanitarian state of affairs
    It is an ancient pre-Christian and early Christian tradition to grant asylum to refugees in holy places. In Europe, this tradition was revived by the Charter of Groningen, passed in 1987 by religious […]
  • The Niger River of all challenges: from drought to floods and pollution
    The Niger River is the main source of life of large parts of West Africa. But owing to climate change and human activities, riparian populations face growing challenges. Sailing down the Niger River […]
  • Oral Literature: How The Stars Were Born
    One day, two friends named Ebopp and Mbaw went off in search of a good site to establish a farm with fine fields of grain and peanuts. They looked here and they looked there until they finally found […]
  • Shared Electrical Mobility
    Asia is exporting the Tuk Tuk, tricycles, to Africa. Now for the electrical version. Growing urbanisation and increasing pollution in African cities demand a new approach capable of providing […]
  • Commercial War and Side Effects to Africa
    The commercial war between the USA and the rest of the world has only just begun and some voices point out that the current escalation of tariffs can last up to 20 years.  Since Trump came to […]
  • Brazil: Bringing hope to the inferno of Cracolandia
    Living with the street people. Evangelising the “inferno” of drugs. Experiencing “Mission Bethlehem”. It is just a small plywood house with a few bits of furniture, a chair or two and a wooden bed […]
  • The Senegal River: Threatened by drought, climate change and man-made disasters
    The Senegal River is a main source of life and prosperity for three West-African countries. But its vital role is put in jeopardy by a number of threats. The 1,641 km-long Senegal River, which has […]
  • Oral Literature: Indonesia: The Goodness of Rice
    A long, long time ago, on the island of Java there were no rice plants. The people of the earth had only grown cassava for their daily food. Rice was only permitted to be grown in heaven. At that […]
  • Pastora Mira Garcia: Forgiveness without Limits
    Pastora Mira Garcia is best known in Colombia for her example of forgiveness in the face of hatred and violence. In September 2017, when Pope Francis visited the country, Pastora was chosen to […]
  • The Sahara: The Kel Air and Kel Ahaggar Tuareg: There is life in ‘The Great Emptiness’
    The desert is not a no man’s land but the land of nomads. The best known among these are the Tuareg, also called the ‘blue people’, in reference to the colour of the veil (tagelmust) with which the […]
  • DR Congo: Miracles Happen
    Despite having lost both legs in a bomb explosion, Sr. Present returns to her mission. A gesture of love and hope. The memory of what happened is still very much present not only in her mind but also […]
  • Ethiopia: Hope for a small People
    The Menjas live in the south-west of Ethiopia. They are marginalised and discriminated by other ethnic groups. Two Catholic sisters stand up for them. In the shadow of the giant jungle trees, […]
  • Ethiopia: Hope for a small People
    The Menjas live in the south-west of Ethiopia. They are marginalised and discriminated by other ethnic groups. Two Catholic sisters stand up for them. In the shadow of the giant jungle trees, […]
  • Ethiopia: Hope for a Small People
    The Menjas live in the south-west of Ethiopia. They are marginalised and discriminated by other ethnic groups. Two Catholic sisters stand up for them. In the shadow of the giant jungle trees, […]
  • Oral Literature: Nigeria: The Mother’s Song
    A long time ago, in the outskirts of Jago village, there lived a lioness and her cub, whose name was Kako. The lioness was very fond of her baby and every night before he went to sleep, she started […]
  • Wax: The Pan African Cloth
    Now popular in many countries, African wax cloth owes its creative and commercial success to the fact that it is not tied to any particular African culture. It must guard against Chinese imitations […]
  • Bolivia: Rituals for a Qechua marriage
    Marriage involves a series of rituals, and four essential stages among the Quechua people of the Bolivian Andes: coca leaf reading, verbal commitment, asking for the bride’s hand and the official […]
  • Ethiopia: Timket: The Feast of the two Testaments
    The feast of Timket or Baptism of the Lord is celebrated in Ethiopia on January 19, 12 days after Christmas. An original feature with regard to this celebration is that in Ethiopia the Old and New […]
  • Kenya: People with a future in their hands.
    Many years ago, a local district officer gave a small plot for a non-formal school in the Mukuru slums of Nairobi. The Mukuru Promotion Centre (MCP) started and along the years has become an […]
  • Oral Literature: Why does the Hippo live in water?
    A very long time ago in Africa, when all the animals lived together in the bush with the Creator, most animals lived on the land, and only a very few lived in the water. The hot sun baked the earth […]
  • The entrepreneur who uses technology to save African languages
    At the age of 31, Elizabeth Kperrun has founded a start-up that makes digital material available to children while valuing their mother language and African cultures, combining tradition and […]
  • Christmas in Ethiopia: A Day of Joy.
    The Christmas cycle begins with a long period of fasting, corresponding to Advent in the Latin rite. It begins around November 15 (Hedar 6 in the Ethiopian calendar). The feast of Christmas or Ledet […]
  • Bolivia: Birth rituals and the meeting with nature.
    The ancestral rituals that accompany the birth of a Quechua and Aymara child. The role of the midwife. The great joy of the family and the community. The birth of a baby is preceded by several […]
  • Philippines: To give dignity
    When Sr. Mary Varguese, a nun who used to work with special children in India, arrived in the Philippines to take care of a centre of mentally-challenged persons, the conditions were so bad that she […]
  • Oral Literature: Tortoise and the Baboon
    One evening when the tortoise was crawling slowly home, he met the baboon on his path. “Hello, old fellow – said the baboon heartily – Have you found much to eat today?” “No – […]
  • Western Africa: The confraternity of Knowledge. The mysterious world of the Donso hunters.
    They are seers and traditional healers with a vast knowledge of medicinal plants, spells and fetishes. They represent an example of moral integrity. Today they enjoy a high position in Malinke […]
  • Sr. Maria Victoria: At service to the Word in Africa
    It is true that a vocation is a gift from God, but it presupposes a response on our part. Sister Maria Victoria Acebes from Spain, tells us her vocation story. When I finished my university studies […]
  • The Jesuit Refugee Service. The African microcosm in the streets of Addis Ababa.
    Ethiopia is Africa’s second largest refugee hosting country with more than 800,000 of them in its territory. They are victims of wars, persecutions or natural disasters. There is just one […]
  • Philippines 2019: “Year of the Youth”
    The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines has announced that it will dedicate 2019 as the “Year of the Youth”. The year-long celebration, which will start on the first Sunday of Advent on […]
  • Oral Literature: How the First River Was Made
    A long long time ago, when God made this earth, He chose the mighty elephant to be king of the world. The elephant and his subjects roamed through the dark green forests, and since there were no […]
  • Peru: “Mission is timeless”
    “The little miracles and signs that have reached me through these people who are now part of me.” Neuza Francisco, a Portuguese Comboni lay missionary working in Peru tell us her experience among […]
  • Brazil: “Justiça nos Trilhos” receives the 2018 Human Rights and Business Award
    Justiça nos Trilhos  (Justice on the Rails)  has just received in Geneva, the new Human Rights and Business Award. Justiça nos Trilhos is an organisation – supported also by the […]
  • Dr. Denis Mukwege. A Nobel Peace Prize for Africa
    Congolese doctor Denis Mukwege and Yazidi human rights activist and survivor of sexual slavery by Islamic State in Iraq, Nadia Murad, have won the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize for their work and commitment […]
  • South Africa. The art of changing
    The Imbali Visual Literacy project, an NGO started thirty years ago to find creative work for the talented children of the more disadvantaged black families. We visit the place. The morning sunlight […]
  • Oral Literature: Why the Monkey Still Has a Tail
    Once upon a time the monkey and the rabbit made a contract. The monkey was to kill all the butterflies and the rabbit was to kill all the snakes. One day the rabbit was taking a nap when the monkey […]
  • Father Tom Uzhunnalil: “I have witnessed the power of prayer”
      Father Tom Uzhunnalil, the priest who was kidnapped in 2016 and held captive for 18 months by terrorists in Yemen, said that his ability to persevere “was thanks to the prayers of everyone” […]