• photo news - 4 (00A)Harpagophytum Procumbens: An Anti-Inflammatory Desert Plant
    It belongs to the Pedaliaceae plant family and is commonly referred to as devil’s claw, grapple plant, or wood spider. It is a rare, highly valuable plant which is only found widely spread in the […]
  • photo news - 3Colombia: An Explosive Situation
    An imploding economy, marked by product shortages and hyperinflation, has driven almost half-a-million Venezuelans to live in Colombia. The influx is putting a massive strain on health and social […]
  • photo news - 2 (00A)Mozambique: Formation In The Shadow Of The Port
    The Nacala Women’s Polytechnic School, which is run by the Comboni Missionary Sisters, was established about twenty years ago and it has become a reference point in the country. Its goal is to […]
  • photo news - 1 (006)Uganda: How To Celebrate Christmas In The Refugee Camp
    “I often tell them in the Refugees Settlement that Jesus was a Refugee. For at least 12 years of his life, he lived in a strange land deprived of everything, just as many refugees are […]
  • photo news - 5 jpg (002)Bolivia: Textiles That Tell Stories
    The people of Jalq’a and Tarabuco narrate their legends through their clothes – which speak of their origins, their cosmovision and their Andean identity. There is no other country in […]
  • plantAcacia Senegal: An Anti-Inflammatory Medicinal Plant
    It is a multi-purpose tree that has been used for more than 4,000 years as food, human and veterinary medicine, and in art and crafts. The plant is highly valued for its potent effect in […]
  • comboniMongolia: A Twenty-Five Year Old Church: The Challenges Of Mission
    The Catholic Church in Mongolia recently turned twenty-five. It was only in 1992 that the first Catholic community was set up in its capital-city Ulaanbaatar, shortly after the Mongolian […]
  • monicaMozambique: “My Heart Was Always Full…”
    “Marvels happened as time moved on, and each day had a special touch that made me enjoy being there, where nothing else mattered…”. A Testimony of a Comboni Lay Missionary. It was a dream […]
  • photo news - 1 (009)Central African Republic: A Comboni Missionary, Jesús Ruiz Molina Is Appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Bangassou
    The celebration took place in the capital of Bangui, on the 12th November, because his own place in Bangassou, in the south eastern of the country only be reached by helicopter. In fact, the […]
  • photo news - 5 (008)Philippines: Bringing Healthcare To The Mountain
    Sr. Eva Maamo and her team of doctors at the Foundation of Our Lady of Peace Mission Inc. (FOLPMI) go to the mountains to serve indigenous communities. “All we need is to inspire and encourage […]
  • photo news - 4 jpg (002)African Young People As Peace-Builders
    Violent conflicts are prevalent in African countries with large youth populations such as Mali, Central African Republic and Somalia. In some instances, young people contribute to the violence in […]
  • photo news - 3Syria: Hope In Flower
    At ‘Gospel House’ for the care of the elderly, Sister Valentina Sakker, 85, looks after her patients. During the conflict, the house was on the front line. Sister Valentina stayed with her […]
  • photo news - 2 (009)Central African Republic: Surrounded By Violence – The Arduous Pursuit of Peace
    Two years ago, Pope Francis visited the country. The papal visit has had a before and an after. The situation improved particularly in the capital, Bangui. The sad thing is that the rest of the […]
  • photo news - 1 (002)Myanmar, Rohingya: People Without Country
    Pope Francis will be visiting Myanmar from 27th November to the 30th November, and Bangladesh from the 30th November to the 2nd December. His visit will certainly focus global attention on the […]
  • photo news - 5 (005)Belize: Garifuna – The Rich African Tradition
    Each year, on the 19th November, the Garifuna community in Belize celebrates its rich African tradition, struggling to keep their culture alive. Belize is on the north-eastern coast of Central […]
  • photo news - 4 (009)Centella Asiatica: A “Fountain of Life” Herb
    It is one of the unique medicinal plants that has been in use since prehistoric times. It continues to draw worldwide attention for it roles in the treatment of mild and chronic diseases. It is a […]
  • photo news - 3 (007)Benin: The Fon Marriage
    The Fon people are the largest ethnic group of Benin, and make up 39% of an estimated population of 10 million inhabitants. This ethnicity is mainly settled in the area around Abomey, capital of […]
  • photo news - 2 (008)Mary’s Meals: Food And Education Are The Key To Building The Future
    A meal a day at school. This is the challenge of “Mary’s Meals”, a Scottish NGO active in international solidarity. Sometimes it takes but a little, to give hope to many children. This is the […]
  • photo news - 1 (008)Egypt: Sharing Devotion
    Places sacred to both Christians and Moslems, where the faithful tend to join together and pray. Moslem devotion to Our Lady. Christians who visit the holy tombs of Moslems to beg their […]
  • photo news - 5 (007)Dinka Traditional Religion
    The Dinka are one of the largest ethnic groups South Sudan. The essential features of Dinka religion fall under three headings, which may be regarded as its three principal dimensions – […]
  • photo news - 4 (009)Plants & Herbs: Momordica Foetida – A Very Versatile Plant
    It belongs to plant family Cucurbitaceae. It is one of the most highly valued medicinal plants, widely distributed in tropical Africa. It is a perennial herb, trailing or climbing with simple or […]
  • photo news - 3 (007)Democratic Republic Congo: Stones Turn Into Bread
    In Kinshasa, a stone quarry provides work for dozens of people but the work is extremely hard – particularly for the women and children. The site is guarded by soldiers and impossible to […]
  • housevfBenin: The Monastery of Notre-Dame de L’Ecoute – The Value Of Time
    A contemplative community inserted into the social texture of the village, through prayer and work, gives testimony of the presence of the Kingdom of God. At last, we reached Natitingou, in the […]
  • vfvfvfvfvfvfvfvfvfvfvfvDemocratic Republic Congo: A Whole Life Spent For Life Itself
    She has helped deliver 34,000 babies. Close friendship with a Moslem Imam, she has lived in the country for more than half a century. She has been a witness to much suffering, but also […]
  • photo news - 5 (006)Kenya & Borana: Restore Peace
    Among the Borana, an ethnic group that lives in northern Kenya, there are three funeral celebrations: the day of the burial, two weeks after the death and one year later. The role of the eldest […]
  • photo news - 4 (008)South Sudan: Dinka Culture
    em>Though known for centuries as the Dinka, they actually call themselves Moinjaang, ‘People of the People’. The Dinka are around 3.2 million people, constituting about 25% of the […]
  • vfvfvfvMexico: The Dance Of The Devils
    The Dance of the Devils is performed on the occasion of Mexico’s most traditional festivities known as the ‘Day of the Dead’. The ‘Day of the Dead’ festivities are […]
  • veronaaaaazzzzzzzzLatin America: The Feast For The Dead
    “The daily experience of the peoples of Mesoamerica is that life exists because there is death. Corn, sown in the fields, dies like all the other seeds, to give birth to a new generation of […]
  • photo news - 1 (007)Kenya: From The Street To New Life
    Napenda Kuishi Rehabilitation is a rehabilitation programme for Nairobi street children, which is run by Comboni Missionaries. It is based in the shanty towns of Korogocho, Dandora, and Huruma in […]
  • photo news - 5 (005)Catharanthus Roseus: An Anti-Cancer Plant
    It is one of the well-known medicinal plants that has its origin from the continent of Africa. The plant is commonly known as the Madagascar periwinkle or basically Vinca Rosea. It is a tender, […]
  • photo news - 4 (008)Mexico: The Harvest Ceremony
    Corn is inextricably tied to the quotidian lives of the peasants and indigenous people of Mexico. As the basic grain, it shapes daily meals, and it’s growing cycle influences the timing of ritual […]
  • veronafUganda: Marriage As A Clan Affair Among The Buganda
    Marriage is one of the most important aspects in the life of Buganda. The role of the in-laws. If the time changed, some characteristics steps are to always remain. Buganda kingdom is the largest […]
  • photo news - 2 (006)Senegal: Living The Encounter
    Father Jacques Seck continues his lifelong vocation – promoting understanding between Christians and Moslems. As for the extremists, he says “Let no one try to divide us”. Despite his 83 […]
  • vfffffffffffffffSudan: Expecting Nothing
    In Nyala, in South Darfur in the south-west of Sudan, mission is just a presence and silent witness; a mission without much visibility or spectacle, in quietness; a mission where one cannot […]
  • veronaaaaaaaaaAfrican Music: The Sounds Of Soul
    African music is strictly linked to the cultural, economic, social, and magical-religious aspects of society in the continent, and one must listen to it carefully to capture the wide range of […]
  • photo news - 4 (006)Kenya: The Borana People – The Naming Ceremony
    Gubissa, the naming ceremony for THE eldest son, is an important moment of the social life of the Borana people, an ethnic group living in northern Kenya. The celebration is held between sixth […]
  • verLatin America: The Ancestral Wisdom Of Sumak Kawsay
    The millennial experience of indigenous peoples can help to give concrete answers to the current crisis in the world. In Andean communities, the concept of Sumak Kawsay, ‘good […]
  • veronaArabic World: The Choices In Life
    A Comboni Missionary, who has been living in the Arabic world for almost 25 years, talks about his origin and how he feels working among Christians and Muslims. “My missionary experience changed […]
  • POPEWorld Mission Day: Mission At The Heart Of The Christian Faith
    This year’s World Mission Day was be celebrated on Sunday the 22nd October 22, under the theme “Mission at the heart of the Christian faith”. In his message, Pope Francis asked ‘What is the […]
  • photo news - 5 (003)Mexico: The Mesoamerican Ball Game
    Archaeologists have identified more than 1,500 ball courts to date. These prehistoric buildings were specifically created for the practice of the Mesoamerican ball game show, a game which is a […]
  • verona picKigelia Africana: A Medicinal Plant With A Cosmetic Potential
    It is a highly valuable medicinal plant that is native to Sub-Saharan Africa. The name ‘Africana’ reflects the tree’s African. Although there are a number of species of the […]
  • vfKenya & Maasai: The Enkipaata Ceremony
    There are two types of enkipaata, a ceremony before circumcision, one for boys and one for warriors. After the ceremony of Enturoroto e motonyi, the boys wait for four years, or as long as their […]
  • photo news - 2 (003)Reflection: Making Choices
    Our life is full of choices. Some regular and daily, others extraordinary and that last a lifetime. Life is full of hard choices and the bigger they are and the more options they have, the harder […]
  • vffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffMozambique: The Hakumana Centre – An Always Open Inn
    The HIV plague is severely affecting young people but even more so, women, who are also victims of violence and outrage. A religious institution has established the Hakumana project, which means […]
  • photo news - 5 (002)Guatemala: Walking In Antique History
    Tikal, Guatemala’s archaeological heart, was home to the Mayans for 1700 years. It was as sophisticated as modern ones, in architectural and urban terms. Tikal, which is in Petén province some […]
  • photo news - 4 (004)Plants & Herbs: Punica granatum – Relevance to Human Life
    One of the oldest known fruits, found in writings and artifacts of many cultures and religions, is the “pomegranate”, Punica granatum, which originates from Persia. This nutrient […]
  • photo news - 2 (002)Reflection: Spiritual Economy To Live Well
    Spirituality must give a soul to the economy. “The market was made for human beings and not human beings for the market”. When a Brazilian company built the Tucuruí hydroelectric dam in the […]
  • photo news - 1 (002)Peru: Stars Shine In The Sky Over The Outskirts Of Trujillo
    Announcing life and hope in Trujillo, a city in coastal Northwestern Peru, where poverty persists and the law of the strongest and crime triumph, becomes a challenge. Here is the testimony of a […]
  • photo news - 5Liyondo And The Three Tests
    There once lived a King who had seven strong sons. When the day arrived for the eldest of them to leave the family home, he explained to his father that he longed to travel to a distant land and […]
  • photo news - 4 (002)Herbs & Plants: Pelargonium Sidoides – An Effective Medicinal Plant Against Respiratory Diseases
    Pelargonium sidoides is a small geranium-like plant which is commonly referred to as South African geranium or Umckaloabo in Zulu language. It is highly regarded by traditional healers as one of […]