• Brazil: Horizons of hope
    A place where children find understanding and dignity. Comboni Missionary Father Padre Saverio Paolillo explains. In the Marcos  Moura quarter, in the outskirts of Santa Rita, a town in the […]
  • African Witnesses: St. Josephine Bakhita
    Nine-year-old Bakhita (c. 1869-1947), playing in the fields near her home in Sudan, was captured by slave traders. She had been warned by her parents to be careful, since her older sister earlier had […]
  • Oral Literature: The Well
    A long time ago, there were four families who lived in a small village in Somalia. The first family would argue all of the time, the second family were very greedy, the third family were always away […]
  • Bolivia Textiles: Symbolism of the Andean Wisdom
    The original handcrafted clothes made with sheep, llama, alpaca, vicuña and other animals’ wool are not just garments made of valuable fabrics showing great combinations of meaningful colours, but […]
  • Herbs & Plants: Xylopia aethiopica – A Spicy Herbal Medicinal Plant
    It possesses great nutritional and medicinal values. The plant is used in the treatment of a number of diseases. And also as a body cream.  Xylopia aethiopica which is commonly referred to as […]
  • Ethiopia: Solidarity in the shadow of Debre Libanos
    About 700 Ethiopian refugees survive thanks to the work of an Orthodox priest of the Debre Libanos monastery. The initiative of Abba Kefyalew stands out considering the limited commitment of his […]
  • Oral Literature: Lion and the Spider
    0ne day Spider went to the river to fish. It must have been Spider’s lucky day, for the fish swarmed around him until at last he had a large pile lying on the muddy bank beside him. “Now for a […]
  • Bishops from Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia call for disarmament of herders
    Catholic bishops in Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia are calling for coordinated and peaceful disarmament in a common border region, where an estimated 8 million illegal small and light weapons can be […]
  • Vocation Story: From cigarette’s seller to priest
    “I really believe that a missionary priest is a person called by God to meet the overwhelming gratuitous love of God for humanity.” A Comboni Father Placide Majambo Lutumba Petir from Congo […]
  • Brazil: “Goes forth” means to respect the indigenous culture
    Pope Francis always insists on a Church that “goes forth”. In the Amazon, according to Bishop João Muniz Alves, Bishop of the Prelature of Xingu, in Brazil, this must be translated into […]
  • Comboni Bishop Miguel Guixot named new head of Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue
    Pope Francis has appointed 66-year-old Spanish Bishop Miguel Ayuso Guixot as the new president of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue. Bishop Miguel Ayuso Guixot succeeds the late […]
  • Oral Literature: What the Squirrel Saw
    One very hot day, a small green grass-snake had made a good meal and looked about for a comfortable place to rest. He found some long, soft grass underneath a tree and curling himself up, he went […]
  • Herbs & Plants: Spinach, a rich source of minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients
    Turmeric Spinach is scientifically referred to as Spinacia oleracea. It is a member of the Amaranthaceae family and it is definitely one of the most popular green, leafy vegetables with a rich source […]
  • South Sudan: The ‘Blue Sisters’ bring hope to abused women
    They were founded three decades ago in southern Sudan, and named the Sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary. But in a region dramatically affected by the South Sudanese civil war, they are usually known […]
  • Vocation Story: “My strength is made perfect in weakness”
    God has his ways to reach people and to show them His Will. Father Krzysztof Zebik from Poland talks about his missionary vocation. My vocational journey started when one of my friends invited me to […]
  • Philippines: Death threats will not stop ‘wounded healer’
    In the Philippines, where admission to having a history of drug addiction can mean a bullet in the head rather than a stay in a rehabilitation centre, drug dependants have chosen silence. For […]
  • The Future of the Natural World
    We humans, the species on this planet with the large brains, so-called intelligence and abilities and power to change the face of our planet, are doing so with a huge negative impact. We are […]
  • Oral Literature: The man with seven dogs
    Once upon a time, there lived a man called John who was a hunter as well as a magician. John had seven dogs and seven large black pots. The dogs were useful for hunting while the pots protected him […]
  • Syria: To encourage people’s hopes
    Almost 8 years after the outbreak of a devastating civil war, Fadi, a young Syrian man, tell us about his vocation as a priest.   It was towards the end of his studies in tourism at the […]
  • Vocation Story: Uganda – The courage to leap
    Many things occur in life outside of our direct control or effort to make them happen. When you revisit them through your memory, you discover that what mattered most is not that you tried hard, but […]
  • Africa Europe Faith and Justice Network (AEFJN)
    Position on the 2019 EU Parliamentary Elections. Why be involved It is more profitable to participate actively and wisely in choosing our leaders so that candidates who share our values stand better […]
  • Mining Resources in Africa: Curse and Opportunity
    Mining operations and global consumption of natural resources continue to increase annually. However, while developed countries and regions such as the European Union protect their natural resources […]
  • Oral Literature: Lion, Jackal and Man
    It so happened one day that Lion and Jackal came together to converse on affairs of land and state. Jackal, let me say, was the most important adviser to the king of the forest, and after they had […]
  • South Africa: More space for sun and wind
    The ministry of energy has decided to abandon the use of coal for generating electricity. A complicated but strategic manoeuvre. Coal-fired electricity generating stations provide three quarters of […]
  • Military spending around the world is booming
    Total world military expenditure rose to $1822 billion in 2018, representing an increase of 2.6 per cent from 2017, according to new data from the Stockholm International Peace Research […]
  • Illegal Logging Condemned
    Illicit trading in logging licenses in the Democratic Republic of Congo revealed recently by the British ONG Global Witness. The protagonist of the affair is an officer of the DRC army close to […]
  • Vocation Story: My mission service, listening
    Fr. Pawe Opiola, is a Comboni Missionary from Poland. He is working as parish priest in Kanyanga Parish, among the Tumbuka people in Zambia. He tells us his story. Life in Kanyanga Parish is always […]
  • Oral Literature: The Hare and the Crown Bird
    One day the hare and his friend the crown bird went together on a journey. They were going to visit the house of hare’s uncle. The travelled over hills and valleys, until they came to a river. […]
  • Africa: Journalists are a target
    Every year, May 3rd is a date which celebrates the fundamental principles of press freedom; to evaluate press freedom around the world, to defend the media from attacks on their independence and to […]
  • Iraq: The courage to go back
    After the liberation of Mosul and the Plain of Nineveh, thousands of Christians are returning to their homes and their communities. Committed Churches. It was in the summer of 2014 when the Islamic […]
  • How people around the world view religion’s role in their countries
    In a recent report on “global views on diversity, gender equality, [and] family life,” the Pew Research Centre in Washington has examined how people around the world view religion’s role in their […]
  • Ethiopia: The Monastery of Hayk
    The importance of Hayk begins in the thirteenth century when Iyasus Mo’a founded a monastery on the island. The most notable presence in the monastery is a manuscript of the Book of the Gospels […]
  • Oral Literature: Why the Bat Flies at Night
    0nce upon a time, the bat and the bush-rat were great friends. All day long they would go hunting in the bush together, dodging between the tall grasses and the stunted trees, and finding good things […]
  • Senegal: The Great House of African Art
    The Museum of African Civilisation was founded in Dakar: it contains African art from its origins to the present day. The dream of Léopold Sédar Senghor. Over four-fifths of the artistic patrimony of […]
  • Mons. Angelelli: “The Romero of Argentina”
    On last 27 April, in La Rioja, Bishop Angelelli, together with two priests and a layman, was beatified: all four were killed during the time of the dictatorship because of their preferential option […]
  • Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith condemns bombs attacks on churches and hotels in Sri Lanka
    The Archbishop of Colombo, Albert Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith, condemned the deadly attacks on churches and hotels on Easter Sunday (April 21) in a series of bomb blasts that claimed at least 359 lives […]
  • The Monastery of Debre Libanos
    From its very foundation, Debre Libanos grew in prestige and power until it surpassed all the other monasteries, thanks in the first place to the personality of its founder, Tekle Haimanot, but also […]
  • Herbs & Plants: Turmeric – A major component of curry powder
    It is a spice obtained from the turmeric plant. It is a major component of Curry Powder. For thousands of years, cultures around the world have used this delicious spice as a natural medicinal remedy […]
  • Oral Literature: The Swallow brings the summer
    The black and white swallow flew high up in the clear, blue sky, wheeling and diving, his fast, pointed wings carrying him at a great speed. Swallow loved flying and never returned to his nest on the […]
  • Mission as Witness
    “I am a missionary for all and not only for Catholics. My being in the Mission in this part of Africa has educated my senses, my thoughts and my actions. I have passed from being a missionary by […]
  • Reflection: Witnesses of the Resurrection
    The Resurrection of the Lord marked a radical new beginning in the history of humankind. That special event, which is related to the first day of creation (Gen 1: 1-5), is the foundation of our faith […]
  • Ethiopia: The Monastery of Debre Damo
    It is the largest and the most important. The monastery concentrates certain original characteristics that do not occur in others. In the first place, its antiquity. Founded by Aregawi, one of the […]
  • Oral Literature: Spider’s Web
    The animals were lonely. They stood in the forest talking to one another, wondering how they could each get a wife to keep them company and to cook their food for them. When Hare joined the group, he […]
  • Herbs & Plants: Entada abyssinica: A resourceful herbal medicine
    It is used as medicine, source of fibre, and wood. But also in the treatment of numerous diseases and disorders. It is a low-branching deciduous shrub with a flat, spreading crown and usually grows […]
  • Brazil: Prisons without walls
    In Brazil, where prisons are places of violence and the rate of re-offending is as high as 80%, there are also penitentiaries where the detainees succeed in changing. The secret? Trust, because […]
  • South Sudan: A great heart with great faith
    A poor woman takes a foreign mother into her house and looks after her sick daughter. She goes to the church and asks the missionary to pray that the child gets well. In the eyes of many, Nyamuone is […]
  • Journey in to Monasticism and Monasteries in Ethiopia
    If it is true that the Christian Europe of the Middle Ages was shaped by monasticism, more so it can be said of the Ethiopian Christianity. Ethiopia converted to Christianity around the year 330 […]
  • Oral Literature: The Victorious Tortoise
    The tortoise is a very clever fellow. He has to use his wits to get along in the world because he has neither the strength of the lion nor the speed of the hare. However his cleverness doesn’t […]
  • South Sudan: “We are on the way”
    Father Jean Paolo Pezzi, director of Justice and Peace office of the Comboni Missionaries based in the United States has just visited the country. I sent this report. The Sudan Airlines’ 737 […]
  • Destruction and death left by tropical cyclone Idai in southern Africa
    After more than three weeks since cyclone Idai hit southern Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi still live in extreme emergency conditions. According to Caristas in Mozambique, the official […]