• Ivory Coast: Breaking Chains
    For 35 years now, Grégoire Ahongbonon has been helping African mental health patients, providing them with treatment care and work. In the final analysis, 'They are no different from ourselves'. […]
  • Kenya: A Young Lady Makes Water An Entrepreneurship Success Story
    Approximately 39.1% of the working population in Kenya is unemployed. The bulk of these are young graduates considering around 50, 000 students graduate annually from Kenyan public and private […]
  • Erythrina Abysynica: The Anti-Helminthic Plant
    It is one of the well-known popular plants which is often used in traditional medicine. This veritable multipurpose tree is also often grown to protect the soil. This medium-sized deciduous tree […]
  • Peru: Weaving By The Sea
    The arts of crocheting and fishing narrate the stories of the beaches of northern Peru. Peru has always been a land of weavers since pre-Inca times. The finest varieties of cotton such as […]
  • “Take Courage, Build my House”
    Christian Carlassare, a Comboni Father tell us how he became missionary. While visiting the small hermitage of St Damiano, in Assis (Italy) I heard that the Crucifix spoke to St Francis there and […]
  • Brazil: Agroecology Is The Future
    The Comboni Missionaries have established the Centre for Rural Innovation and Agroecological Development of Açailandia (CIRANDA) which promotes family farming in order to guarantee a dignified […]
  • Oral Literature: The Lion And Jabu
    There was a young herd boy named Jabu. He took great pride in the way in which he cared for his father's cattle. And his father had many cows. It was quite a task to keep these cows out of […]
  • Jumia: E-commerce Africa Style
    It manages 48% of commerce in electronics, has spread to 23 countries and is now aiming to conquer Egypt with its vendors. Africa, too, has a website for electronics sales like Amazon, which […]
  • Philippines: Feeding Street People
    For the last five years, a retired engineer and his wife have been feeding poor people on the streets almost every week, Kamias Road in Quezon City. Nobody knows about it - neighbours, family […]
  • Mozambique: Benfica – Urban Mission
    The parish of St. Francis Xavier in the outskirts of Maputo: a centre of Christian and social commitment. Two Comboni Missionaries lead the parochial community. The parish of St. Francis Xavier […]
  • Oral Literature: Elephant, Hippopotamus and Spider
    Once upon a time, long ago, there was a terrible famine. The crops had failed and there was no food to be had on either land or water. Spider and his family had finished their store of food and […]
  • People & Plants: Ekebergia Capensis – Highly Valued Plants
    This plant plays an important role in various communities for the treatment of numerous diseases and disorders including heartburn, coughs and respiratory complaints. Ekebergia capensis […]
  • India: Kashmiri – The Fine Texture
    Kashmiri shawls are globally famous for their fine texture and embroidery. Woven on handloom from a rare variety of soft wool and embroidered by artisans who have perfected the needlework over […]
  • Peru: To Share Life With People Who Are Incredibly Wise
    As we approach the Pan-Amazonian Synod, the importance the indigenous culture. Two Augustinians, who live in Iquitos (Peru) talked about their experience. When we first arrived in the Marañon […]
  • Uganda: ReachOut – The Best Practices
    Started in a Comboni Parish Our Lady of Africa in Mbuya in the outskirts of Kampala, the ReachOut Ugandan Health Initiative has changed the lives of many people with HIV. We visited the project. […]
  • Africa: People’s Wisdom
    With hundreds of ethnic groups, Africa is a haven of diversified cultures. It is also a mine for those who wish to explore the world of wisdom, often crystallized in proverbs. Here are some from […]
  • How The Dog Came To Live With Man
    There was a time, long ago, when the dog and the jackal lived together in the wilderness as brothers. Every day they hunted together and every evening they laid out on the grass whatever they had […]
  • Herbs & People: Momordica – A Unique Antidiabetic Plant
    It is commonly known as bitter melon or bitter gourd, and is a climbing vine whose leaves and green fruits have been used in traditional medicine to fight cancer, diabetes and many infectious […]
  • Uganda: The Karamojong – The Sky, The Final, Immense Savannah
    This ethnic group of agro-pastoral herders live in arid or semi-arid territories where they graze their flocks, build their villages and cultivate their crops. The vastness of their land, which […]
  • Singapore: Towards A Vibrant & Missionary Church
    The journey of the Catholic Church. Commitment to authentic interreligious dialogue. Social works. Education. An interview with His Grace William Goh Seng Chye, Archbishop of Singapore. “A […]
  • Oral Literature: Wanjiru – Sacrificed By Her Family
    The sun beat down mercilessly and there was no sign of any rain. This happened one year, and it happened again a second year, and even a third year, so that the crops died and the men, women and […]
  • African Cuisine: Variety & Flavours
    African cuisine offers a wide range of dishes of great flavour and variety. Food is an occasion for gathering together, for celebrating and sharing. A short culinary journey across the continent. […]
  • Mexico: Maya Civilization – Between Corn & Cacao
    Ancient Mayan cuisine was varied and extensive. Mayan raised-field systems and the fertilization techniques of the land show us that the Maya people were innovative farmers. Maize and cacao have […]
  • ‘Mesoamerica’: Pizza With Savour Of Aztec Cuisine
    Through the centuries, food and plants coming from America, and in particular from Mexico, have given a great contribution to the Mediterranean diet. The first people to bring back information […]
  • Afro-Brazilian Spirituality/Candomblé: Life That Flows Within
    Spirit, body and the psyche are to be helped grow together in a journey of maturation to reach equilibrium and interior peace. This is a journey into one of the more meaningful religions of black […]
  • Togo/Benin: Tata Somba
    In the north of Togo and the north-east of Benin in the Atacora Range live the Betammaribe, also called Somba, a people with a history of great hunters and warriors. Here we take a brief look at […]
  • Oral Literature: The Lion – The Hare & The Hyena
    A bachelor lion once lived alone in a cave. In his younger days, the solitude had not worried him, but not very long before this tale begins, he had hurt his leg so badly that he had been unable […]
  • Plants & People: Coriandrum – Amazing Health Benefits
    Coriander, scientifically known as Coriandrum sativum (Plant family Apiaceae), is a herb with savoury deep green leaves. Its use as a spice for different sauces can be traced back to 5,000 BC, […]
  • Asian Spirituality: A Quest For Depth
    Nearly all major religions of the world were born in Asia. We look at some common traits of Asian spirituality - inner journey, search for depth, silence, detachment, nonviolence, and honesty - […]
  • Kenya: Turkana – Akuj, The Supreme Being
    The Turkana are a monotheistic people. They believe in one God, known as Akuj, the creator of the universe. “All things belong to Akuj”, they say. They call upon him in times of great need, […]
  • Plants & People: Onion – An Excellent Source Of Vitamins
    Onion is an essential vegetable that is central to many meals. It forms the basis of many dishes whether raw, baked, steamed or boiled and indeed, it is difficult to imagine any cuisine without […]
  • Africa: Traditional Healers
    In Central and East Africa, the term most commonly used for a traditional healer is ng'anga. No one can doubt the fundamental role that this occupation still has in the field of health and health […]
  • Ecuador: To Live And Share My Faith With Others
    Comboni Father Seraphin Kakwata, Congolese, shares his experience being amongst afro-descendent communities in S. Lorenzo parish, in the province of Esmeraldas, Ecuador. In 2013, I was assigned […]
  • Mexico: Father Solalinde – On The Side Of Migrants
    They threaten and intimidate him, but Father Alejandro Solalinde continues his mission, at the risk of his life. Father Solalinde is not afraid to speak out against abuses and injustice. He says […]
  • Zambia: Fighting deforestation by Agness Chileya
    Forests are rapidly vanishing in Zambia. The country's rate of depletion of this natural resource is extremely high. The government is looking for new lines of approach and action to stop the […]
  • Oral Literature: Where Stories Come From, A Traditional Zulu Story – South Africa
    Once, a very long time ago, so long ago that it must have been close to the time when the First Man and the First Woman walked upon the earth, there lived a woman named Manzandaba and her husband […]
  • Plants & People: Cinnamon- (Richard Komakech)
    Cinnamon is a spice obtained from the inner bark of several tree species from the genus Cinnamonum in plant family Lauraceae.  There are a number of species which are often sold as cinnamon […]
  • Uganda: Lango Culture – Old Is Gold (Fr. Lawrence Ogwang)
    In African traditional society, elders are treasured for whom and what they are. They are respected and honoured by their communities for their spirituality, wisdom, high intelligence, knowledge, […]
  • Kenya: A Horizon-less Frying Pan
    Comboni Missionary Father Mitiku Habbthe from Ethiopia is working with the Turkana in the remote north-western part of Kenya, a semi-desert area, shares his experience. The Turkana people lead a […]
  • Central America: The Garinagu, The art of drum-making.
    The Garifuna people, located in Central America, are famous for their use of drums and music, that is especially of great importance in religious ceremonies. Stop at any Garifuna festival, […]
  • Mexico: Cactus, the richness of the people
    Mexico has the greatest floristic diversity of cacti of any country in the world. Cacti are particularly plentiful in Mexico's arid, warm, dry regions. Over the last several decades, important […]
  • Peru: It is impossible to remain silent.
    On both sides of the border between Ecuador and Peru, there are oil and gas operations. The consequences are disastrous for the environment and for the indigenous peoples who live there. Two […]
  • India: Celebrating Hues Of Divinity
    During the Hemis Festival, the Monastery comes alive with dances and colourful celebrations. The religious mask dance remains the centre of attraction. This year Hemis festival is going to be […]
  • Colombia: “We Are The Guardians Of Our Land”
    In the centre of the Colombian Amazonia, we find the Vicariate of Puerto Leguízamo-Solano, created in 2013. A Christian community that wants to take care of the environment and its people. We […]
  • Herbs & People: Aspilia Africana – The Unique Anti-Haemorrhage Plant
    The plant is commonly found distributed in the Sub-Saharan Africa. It is widely gathered from the wild and used locally in traditional medicine. Aspilia Africana C.D. Adams (Family Asteraceae) […]
  • African Myths: A Door To The Mysteries Of Creation
    In Africa, there are thousands of myths to explain what reason cannot explain. In a lot of them, God made man from clay, as in the Bible. In some, life and death are brought to men by animals. […]
  • Africa: Puppet Theatre
    The roots of puppet shows in Africa are as old as the myths and legends. Today, they are used very much in education but also as a way to condemn political power and corruption. According to a […]
  • South Sudan: Reconciliation Paths
    In a country ravaged by war, forgiveness is the contribution Christians can offer to a society divided along ethnic lines and rivalries. A missionary in South Sudan shares a couple of stories on […]
  • Mexico: “I Could Be Killed Anytime”
    Commitment to work side by side with migrants. A Church up and running. The testimony of Fr. Tomás Gonzalez. “I have received many threats. I know I could be killed but I am not afraid. I have […]
  • Africa: Amulets For Luck And Protection
    Amulets are an important part of an African's life, from birth to death. They are obligatorily worn in some stages of life and are considered sacred objects in African culture. Rebel groups have […]