• Philippines. 2019 “Year of the Youth”
    The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines has announced that it will dedicate 2019 as the “Year of the Youth”. The year-long celebration, which will start on the first Sunday of Advent on […]
  • Oral Literature. How the First River Was Made
    A long long time ago, when God made this earth, He chose the mighty elephant to be king of the world. The elephant and his subjects roamed through the dark green forests, and since there were no […]
  • Peru. “Mission is timeless”
    “The little miracles and signs that have reached me through these people who are now part of me.” Neuza Francisco, a Portuguese Comboni lay missionary working in Peru tell us her experience among […]
  • Brazil. “Justiça nos Trilhos” receives the 2018 Human Rights and Business Award
    Justiça nos Trilhos  (Justice on the Rails)  has just received in Geneva, the new Human Rights and Business Award. Justiça nos Trilhos is an organisation – supported also by the […]
  • Dr. Denis Mukwege. A Nobel Peace Prize for Africa
    Congolese doctor Denis Mukwege and Yazidi human rights activist and survivor of sexual slavery by Islamic State in Iraq, Nadia Murad, have won the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize for their work and commitment […]
  • South Africa. The art of changing
    The Imbali Visual Literacy project, an NGO started thirty years ago to find creative work for the talented children of the more disadvantaged black families. We visit the place. The morning sunlight […]
  • Oral Literature: Why the Monkey Still Has a Tail
    Once upon a time the monkey and the rabbit made a contract. The monkey was to kill all the butterflies and the rabbit was to kill all the snakes. One day the rabbit was taking a nap when the monkey […]
  • Father Tom Uzhunnalil: “I have witnessed the power of prayer”
      Father Tom Uzhunnalil, the priest who was kidnapped in 2016 and held captive for 18 months by terrorists in Yemen, said that his ability to persevere “was thanks to the prayers of everyone” […]
  • Dr. Evan Atar Adaha. “Doing anything extraordinary”
    Last month, Dr. Evan Atar Adaha, surgeon and medical director at a hospital in Bunj, South Sudan,  received the U.N. Refugee Agency’s Nansen Refugee Award, in recognition of his more than […]
  • Pope Francis. Sharing the Wisdom of Time.
    Pope Francis in a new book is calling for an alliance between the young and elderly:  “Young people need the dreams of the elders so they can hope in a future. Older people and young people move […]
  • Tunisia. A revolution on two wheels
    In Tunis, the capital, an association is proposing the use of the bicycle instead of public means of transport, a proposal that promotes a change in the customs and culture of the population. A wind […]
  • People & Herbs. Brassica oleracea (“Sukuma wiki”)
    Scientifically known as Brassica oleracea, collard greens is very similar to kale plant and does not have the usual close-knit core of leaves (a “head”) like cabbage. Collards have been eaten for […]
  • Albania: why do we want to be part of Europe?
    The Council of the EU has agreed to open membership negotiations with Albania in June 2019. The Bishop of Rrëshen, Mgr Gjergj Meta, explains why the Albanians want to become part of the EU at a time […]
  • Colombia. Fr. Narváez: “Patience and forgiveness are needed for lasting peace”
    Two years ago, the Colombian government and the FARC signed a revised peace deal which put an end fifty years of civil war. After four years of formal peace negotiations, the Colombian Government […]
  • South Sudan. Bishop Taban : “ Peace is possible”.
    Taban Paride, Bishop Emeritus of Torit is convinced that a lasting peace is possible in South Sudan if only everybody is involved and contributes towards it; and most importantly if the quest for a […]
  • Oral Literature. The tortoise and the drum
    One day, the tortoise was walking along a forest path when he came across a palm tree that had plenty of palm kernel fruits. The tortoise was hungry and the fruits looked juicy and ripe to eat, if […]
  • Africa Polluted by Used Cars from Europe
    Bringing diesel cars from the old continent reduces the air quality in African cities. The crisis of diesel car sales in Europe and the depreciation of those in circulation are accentuating the […]
  • India. The Healing Mission.
    Catholic nuns, who play a major role in the Church’s healthcare works in India, plan to meet the poor and weak at their doorsteps instead of waiting for them at hospitals and dispensaries. The […]
  • Vocation Story. My life in exchange for life
    An altar boy accompanies the priests of his parish in their safaris to the outstations and enjoys every moment of that ministry. He begins to believe that it could be his path of life and makes up […]
  • Uganda. Karamoja Street Kids
    Many children from Karamoja are begging in the capital, Kampala. Comboni Missionary Fr. John Bosco runs a programme to help the street kids and other families displaced in Kampala. Nakiru Asha Kadera […]
  • Johannesburg. Refugees in the city of gold
    Every year, thousands of migrants and refugees arrive in Johannesburg from several African countries. The House of Mercy and the Jesuit Refugee Service have been committed to serving hundreds of […]
  • “Renewable Energy” Spreading in Africa
    The most radical results of new technologies are to be found in the field of energy: the use of fossil fuels will be limited. Africa is skipping some entire phases that characterised development in […]
  • Zambia. Vocation Story. On eagle’s wings
    After falling into a dark chasm, the author felt raised up and borne on the breath of dawn. Today he knows that God is holding him in the palm of his hands, and wants to share his joy. A dusty gravel […]
  • Madagascar. Feast of life and death
    In the south of Madagascar live the Bara, a cluster of 18 ethnic groups that share language and culture. They live in an arid land, where agriculture cannot thrive, and so they developed an economy […]
  • The Synod on Young People: “Walking Together”
    The final document of the synod on young people has just been released. The document consists of 3 parts, 12 chapters, 167 paragraphs and 60 pages. The Rapporteur General, Cardinal Sérgio da Rocha, […]
  • No child soldiers: The next steps in Central African Republic
    At least 12,000 children have returned from armed groups in CAR. Now what? Last September, Central African Republic became the 167th country to ratify the UN child soldier treaty, known by its […]
  • A panorama of the Catholic Church all over the world
    The latest edition of the “Church’s Book of Statistics” published (updated to 31 December 2016) regarding members of the Church, church structures, healthcare, welfare and […]
  • Plants & People. Hibiscus Sabdariffa, a herb with medicinal and nutritional values.
    It is an annual or perennial herb with leaves which are deeply 3-5 lobed and arranged alternately on the stems.  The flowers are white to pale yellow with a dark red spot at the base of each petal […]
  • Burkina Faso. Alphonsine Yanogo. Sister and mechanic
    She is the first female mechanic in the country. She runs the Garage Saint Michel de Sic with 22 employees. A Sister who understands engines. From early morning, the traffic in Ouagadougou, the […]
  • Panama 2019/WYD: A world meeting of indigenous youths
    The World Youth Day (WYD) in Panama will also see the indigenous face of the Church. Over one thousand indigenous youths from world Countries are expected to attend the Indigenous World Youth Day […]
  • Bamboo Shoots: Nature’s Perfect Food
    Bamboo (Family Poaceae) produces edible shoots, which sprouts from beside the main bamboo plant. It is known not only to be one of the fastest growing plants in the world but also the largest and […]
  • Uganda: A Traditional Karamojong Wedding
    The Karamojong are an ethnic group of agro-pastoral herders living mainly in the north-east of Uganda. We look at their traditional wedding. Before a Karamojong can take a wife, he must first […]
  • Africa: Migration – Back Home
    Returning from Libyan detention, young Gambians try to change the migration exodus mindset. Mustapha Sallah knows all about taking the “back way”, the Gambian expression for migrating to Europe, a […]
  • Central America: Between Violence & Threats
    War and conflict displace millions across the world, but in Central America, people flee violence, threats and organised crime. 10 things we should know about the violence in Central America. 1. […]
  • Philippines: A Voice For The Oppressed
    Brother Karl Gaspar, an award-winning writer, respected socio-anthropologist, theologian, interfaith scholar, and missionary from Davao City shares with us the reasons for his passion for Indigenous […]
  • The Quitapenas – The Dolls From Guatemala
    Guatemalan artisans create these tiny dolls by winding cloth and yarn and use scraps of traditional colorful woven fabric to make their costumes. They place a set of 6 dolls (generally representing […]
  • Republic of Central Africa: A Church With Open Arms
    Some dioceses have had their priests killed and churches destroyed but nevertheless they take in the homeless and the needy. The Episcopal Conference promotes interreligious dialogue and seeks to get […]
  • Reflection: Young People Are The Protagonists
    There are two fundamental aspects linked to the Synod of Bishops on young people and discernment which seem to have been omitted in many of our analyses, perhaps because of an over- simplification of […]
  • Asia: Stay Youthful & Be Inspired
    A Synod on youth is in Rome in these days. Cao Huu Minh Tri, from Vietnam, talks about Asia. She said: “It is necessary for the Church to find the new way, which comes from the dialogue and truly […]
  • Africa Youth: To Be Protagonists In The Church & In Society
    The Synod on youth is taking place in Rome in these days. Tendai Karombo, chairperson of the National Catholic Youth Council in Zimbabwe, explains what are the challenges that face young people in […]
  • Morocco/The Ancient City Of Tétouan: The Embrace Of Medina
    A beauty now, the patrimony of humanity. Most of all a place of relations and social solidarity that goes against the individualism of modernity. Tétouan is a city in the north-east of Morocco, […]
  • Ethiopia: The Sidama People – Magano, The First Ancestor
    The Sidama people are a deeply religious ethnic group that lives in southern Ethiopia. They say that ‘Magano (God), created their ancestors and took them away’. The Sidama people, who […]
  • Uganda/Sudanese Refugees: Just A Drop In The Ocean
    It consists in a microcredit project for women and grants for school fees for about fifty young people. This is the concrete contribution of the Comboni Sisters to those wishing to build a life for […]
  • The Youthful Vitality of the Chinese Church
    The 2018 Synod of Bishops is dealing with “Young People, the Faith, and Vocational Discernment”. For the first time two Chinese bishops are present. In the delicate situation of the […]
  • World Mission Sunday: “Life Is A Mission”
    The theme of this year: “Together with young people, let us bring the Gospel to all,” echoes the upcoming synod of bishops on Youth. “The Synod to be held in Rome this coming October, the month of […]
  • Oral Literature: Spider & The Lion
    0ne day Spider went to the river to fish. It must have been Spider’s lucky day, for the fish swarmed around him until at last he had a large pile lying on the muddy bank beside him. “Now for a […]
  • Plants & People: Beta Vulgaris
    Beta vulgaris (Family Amaranthaceae); commonly known as beetroot or beet, has been gaining popularity as a new super food over the years due to its multiple health benefits. Typically a rich purple […]
  • A Vocation Story: “A God Who Makes Sense Of My Life”
    Fr Phillip Andruga Kenyi from South Sudan, said that “the funny thing in all this development of my vocation to religious life was that God did not tell me in clear terms that this was my […]
  • Uganda: A School Under Canvas
    Refugee teachers create a school for young people in South Sudan. The life of refugees is hard. When they arrived in Moyo (Uganda), in the South Sudanese of Kajukeji, they were many refugees. They […]
  • South Sudan: Street Children In Juba – They Want To Live
    Seventeen abandoned children have been rescued from wandering around the streets and started ‘the trip of their lives’. They are part of a long-awaited educational project, which hopefully will […]