• Asia: Stay Youthful & Be Inspired
    A Synod on youth is in Rome in these days. Cao Huu Minh Tri, from Vietnam, talks about Asia. She said: “It is necessary for the Church to find the new way, which comes from the dialogue and truly […]
  • Africa Youth: To Be Protagonists In The Church & In Society
    The Synod on youth is taking place in Rome in these days. Tendai Karombo, chairperson of the National Catholic Youth Council in Zimbabwe, explains what are the challenges that face young people […]
  • Morocco/The Ancient City Of Tétouan: The Embrace Of Medina
    A beauty now, the patrimony of humanity. Most of all a place of relations and social solidarity that goes against the individualism of modernity. Tétouan is a city in the north-east of Morocco, […]
  • Ethiopia: The Sidama People – Magano, The First Ancestor
    The Sidama people are a deeply religious ethnic group that lives in southern Ethiopia. They say that 'Magano (God), created their ancestors and took them away'. The Sidama people, who inhabit the […]
  • Uganda/Sudanese Refugees: Just A Drop In The Ocean
    It consists in a microcredit project for women and grants for school fees for about fifty young people. This is the concrete contribution of the Comboni Sisters to those wishing to build a life […]
  • The Youthful Vitality of the Chinese Church
    The 2018 Synod of Bishops is dealing with "Young People, the Faith, and Vocational Discernment". For the first time two Chinese bishops are present. In the delicate situation of the Church in […]
  • World Mission Sunday: “Life Is A Mission”
    The theme of this year: “Together with young people, let us bring the Gospel to all,” echoes the upcoming synod of bishops on Youth. “The Synod to be held in Rome this coming October, the month […]
  • Oral Literature: Spider & The Lion
    0ne day Spider went to the river to fish. It must have been Spider's lucky day, for the fish swarmed around him until at last he had a large pile lying on the muddy bank beside him. “Now for a […]
  • Plants & People: Beta Vulgaris
    Beta vulgaris (Family Amaranthaceae); commonly known as beetroot or beet, has been gaining popularity as a new super food over the years due to its multiple health benefits. Typically a rich […]
  • A Vocation Story: “A God Who Makes Sense Of My Life”
    Fr Phillip Andruga Kenyi from South Sudan, said that “the funny thing in all this development of my vocation to religious life was that God did not tell me in clear terms that this was my […]
  • Uganda: A School Under Canvas
    Refugee teachers create a school for young people in South Sudan. The life of refugees is hard. When they arrived in Moyo (Uganda), in the South Sudanese of Kajukeji, they were many refugees. […]
  • South Sudan: Street Children In Juba – They Want To Live
    Seventeen abandoned children have been rescued from wandering around the streets and started 'the trip of their lives’. They are part of a long-awaited educational project, which hopefully will […]
  • Oral Literature: How The Monkeys Saved The Fish
    The rainy season that year had been the strongest ever and the river had broken its banks. There were floods everywhere and the animals were all running up into the hills. The floods came so fast […]
  • Plastics Pose Biggest Threat To Oceans
    Oceans choking on millions of plastic water bottles, cups, straws and single use plastic bags. Oceans are choking on plastic junk—millions of tonnes of water bottles, soda bottles, drinking […]
  • Vocation Story: “Lesa Waluse”
    If I were to describe my vocation journey to priesthood in two words, I would say "Lesa Waluse", God is merciful', said Father Ben Makungu Chola, from Zambia. Here ishis story. From the point of […]
  • Letter To Pope Francis From African Youth
    A group of young people living in Nairobi who regularly meet at Shalom House have written a letter to Pope Francis on the occasion of the Synod to be held in Rome next October, during which […]
  • Uganda/Teso: Ajon – The Beginning & The End Of Every Celebration
    The Teso (or Iteso, people of Teso) are an ethnic group in eastern Uganda and western Kenya. Teso refers to the traditional homeland of the Iteso, and Ateso is their language. The drinking and […]
  • Oral Literature: The Crocodile & The Cockerel
    Once upon a time, the crocodile was king of the animals. He was holding court one day. He sat majestically on his throne as he received petitions from his subjects and issued orders. A large […]
  • Herbs & People: Pseudocedrela Kotschyi – Fracture Healing Plant
    It is a medicinal plant whose therapeutic values undoubtedly have a folkloric background as it has been used in the treatment of various diseases by traditional healers. Pseudocedrela kotschyi […]
  • Vocation Story: “If The Seed Falls…”
    He dreams of becoming a botanist. He loves reading short novels. One day, he lays his hands on a booklet titled “If the seed falls..." and buys it. He feels fooled. Yet, he reads it all the same […]
  • Algeria: A Church In The Desert
    The number of Christians in Algeria is not high, however, they are generally well accepted by the Algerian society. The experience of a White Missionary who has spent fifty years of his life in […]
  • Kenya: Maasai – The Course Of Life
    Exact rites mark the passage to an age group or becoming a member of a particular group. In this way, identity and world vision are preserved. At birth, a child receives a provisional name that […]
  • Oral Literature: The Leopard & The Rabbit
    Once upon a time the Leopard lived in a small house far way in the bush. After thinking for a long time he decided to look for a better place. After a short time he found a suitable place nearer […]
  • Filipino Priest Has Gone Into Hiding
    A Filipino priest who has been an outspoken critic of extrajudicial killings in the country says he has gone into hiding after several sightings of what he believes to be members of a death squad […]
  • Missionaries of Africa: A Great Gift
    This year, the Missionaries of Africa (also known as the White Fathers) celebrate 150 years of their foundation. The society was founded in Algeria on the 19th October, 1868, by Cardinal Charles […]
  • Nicaragua: Human Rights Crisis Demands Action & Accountability
    Urgent action is needed to address the human rights crisis in Nicaragua, where the level of persecution is such that many of those who participated in the protests that erupted in April, defended […]
  • Nicaragua: Human Rights Crisis Demands Action & Accountability
    Urgent action is needed to address the human rights crisis in Nicaragua, where the level of persecution is such that many of those who participated in the protests that erupted in April, defended […]
  • Dominican Friars In Nigeria Launch TV Programme For Youths
    The Dominicans in Benin City, Edo State, have launched a television programme aimed at engaging the youth, to shape their lives and ultimately evangelise them. The Dominican community in the area […]
  • Oral Literature: The Magic Crocodile
    There was once a very big cave. It was divided into two parts being dry and the bottom part filled with water. In the bottom part there lived a crocodile. The crocodile did not live alone in the […]
  • My Vocation: A Journey Of Valued Little Decisions
    “My vocation is a journey of valued little decisions that can best be contemplated as a whole and can only be beautiful if seen from a panoramic view”, says Fr Collins Mweshi a Zambian Comboni […]
  • DR Congo: Bukanga Lonzo – Land Grabs & The International Community
    The Democratic Republic of the Congo has inaugurated the first of a series of agro-industrial parks designed to boost the country’s development and showcase the enormous potential of arable land […]
  • Impact Of Small Arms Proliferation On Africa
    The persistence and the complication of conflicts in Africa are partially due to small arms proliferation. The consequences of small arms on African people due to international conflicts within […]
  • Oral Literature: Swahili Myth – Heaven and Earth
    When God's moment had come, he began creating the world of matter. He rolled out the day-sky and the night-sky like an immense tent, or like carpets full of mysterious signs and symbols. In the […]
  • More Children Released From South Sudanese Armed Groups
    More than 100 children have been recently released by two armed groups in South Sudan, bringing the total number released this year to over 900. This was the fourth release ceremony in 2018 and […]
  • Water Shortage Means Food Shortage
    No, it’s not dwindling land areas that poses the biggest threat to food security, it’s water shortage. The challenge, according to specialists, is to get sufficient water to produce food. "Many […]
  • Nicaragua: The Church Under Threat
    Bishops and priests threatened with death. Churches profaned. Nevertheless, the Church has become a sign of hope and strength for many. The white walls of the Divine Mercy church in Managua show […]
  • Plants & People: Cowpea For Insomnia
    It is an herbaceous food legume belonging to the plant family Fabaceae. It can either be short and bushy or a vine climbing supports or trailing along the ground. It shows considerable adaptation […]
  • Middle East Battlefields
    For decades the Middle East has been one of the areas of greatest tension in the world, a veritable battlefield involving the power capacities of regional actors – Israel, Egypt, Iran, Turkey, […]
  • Oral Literature: Swahili Myth – How Man Was Moulded
    "God made the night cover the day, and so their alternation marks the progress of time. One day, he called together his angels. They all appeared before His Throne, performing the ritual prayer […]
  • Reflection: Transforming Pain Into Love
    An original experience, proper of the human condition, loneliness affects us all in different ways. In entrusting Himself to the Father during the agony of Gethsemane, Jesus transformed pain into […]
  • Ivory Coast: Breaking Chains
    For 35 years now, Grégoire Ahongbonon has been helping African mental health patients, providing them with treatment care and work. In the final analysis, 'They are no different from ourselves'. […]
  • Kenya: A Young Lady Makes Water An Entrepreneurship Success Story
    Approximately 39.1% of the working population in Kenya is unemployed. The bulk of these are young graduates considering around 50, 000 students graduate annually from Kenyan public and private […]
  • Erythrina Abysynica: The Anti-Helminthic Plant
    It is one of the well-known popular plants which is often used in traditional medicine. This veritable multipurpose tree is also often grown to protect the soil. This medium-sized deciduous tree […]
  • Peru: Weaving By The Sea
    The arts of crocheting and fishing narrate the stories of the beaches of northern Peru. Peru has always been a land of weavers since pre-Inca times. The finest varieties of cotton such as […]
  • “Take Courage, Build my House”
    Christian Carlassare, a Comboni Father tell us how he became missionary. While visiting the small hermitage of St Damiano, in Assis (Italy) I heard that the Crucifix spoke to St Francis there and […]
  • Brazil: Agroecology Is The Future
    The Comboni Missionaries have established the Centre for Rural Innovation and Agroecological Development of Açailandia (CIRANDA) which promotes family farming in order to guarantee a dignified […]
  • Oral Literature: The Lion And Jabu
    There was a young herd boy named Jabu. He took great pride in the way in which he cared for his father's cattle. And his father had many cows. It was quite a task to keep these cows out of […]
  • Jumia: E-commerce Africa Style
    It manages 48% of commerce in electronics, has spread to 23 countries and is now aiming to conquer Egypt with its vendors. Africa, too, has a website for electronics sales like Amazon, which […]
  • Philippines: Feeding Street People
    For the last five years, a retired engineer and his wife have been feeding poor people on the streets almost every week, Kamias Road in Quezon City. Nobody knows about it - neighbours, family […]
  • Mozambique: Benfica – Urban Mission
    The parish of St. Francis Xavier in the outskirts of Maputo: a centre of Christian and social commitment. Two Comboni Missionaries lead the parochial community. The parish of St. Francis Xavier […]